everyday life

everyday life · January 12, 2018
I love how fog puts a shroud of mystery over the world as we know it and see every day. All images were taken by me on the foggy day of January 10th until the night of January 11th in Berlin. I just had to grab my camera and tripod and try to catch some of that beautiful mist before it’s gone.

everyday life · June 09, 2017
We spent our first holiday the little family of the three of us, with our little mixed breed dog Kosmo from the animal protection in Romania, which is with us since December. Spontaneous holiday with a dog!

everyday life · May 08, 2017
They live a lonely existence on bare walls, hidden in corners or in front of heaters. No one notices them when they are not needed, they are just there. The little heroes of everyday life are turned off after successful acts until they are used again.