S E L E C T E D   P H O T O   P R I N T S   O N   A C R Y L I C   G L A S S


If you want to have a unique photo print with a bright and glowing effect, you should consider the print on acrylic glass.


The transparent background gives each piece a fresh look and

emphasizes the depth of color and clarity of the details. The glass is, with a thickness of 4 mm, very robust and unbreakable despite its low weight


Especially in a large format, pictures on acrylic glass enhance the look of every room. That's why acrylic glass has widely become standard in art galleries and photo exhibitions. 


For me, an image starts when I see it and take the picture and is finalized not when the click of the shutter has trailed away or when it was uploaded to a website, but when it is printed on its own perfect material.  I selected a few favorites of my photos that I believe look best printed on acrylic glass, since every motif has its own best-looking appearance on a specific material.


For the following images, I decided to go with this kind of production, mainly because of the things I want to highlight in these pictures like the vibrant colours of the sunset with the reflection on the TV tower that work best on this material. 


I hand-picked some pictures to be printed directly on acrylic glass to get the most out of the essence of the shown image. If you are interested in another picture that is not listed here (for example on my blog) or just need another size to fit your needs, please don't hesitate to contact me. We will find the right solution! 

S T A Y   F O C U S E D

photo print ON Acrylic glass

stay focused

Berlin on a hot summer evening. The sun is setting, people enjoying the drinks on the rooftop bar in front of the TV tower. The green "Ampelmännchen" as a contrast to the sunlit facade with a typical Berlin street art (which is sadly vanished now), conveying the atmosphere of Berlin summer in one picture.

With its vibrant colors of the setting sun and the reflections in the details, this image screams to be printed on acrylic glass to get the best out of it. 

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stay focused acrylic print

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